Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition

Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition 9.0

IDE for .NET applications
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Development environment for .NET programming. Its capabilities include creating, testing, compiling and debugging .Net applications.

Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, as an improvement of the previous Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition, allow the .NET applications developers to create their own programs for the Microsoft.NET environment, as well as stand alone Windows applications (not web applications, available from other products as Visual Studio 2008, etc.). With this new and light Visual Basic edition, it is possible to insert audio and video on forms, as well as to use directly the Windows Vista APIs and P2P technology. Now is much easier to handle data sources and data bases, create applications, compile them, run them and debug them to the end. The main new improvement is the Namespace "My" that lets the programmer to use many of the Operating System and Computer properties, without wrinting long code. As a SDK (Software Development Kit) it brings all the possibilities from the .NET libraries, besides the facilities corresponding to the Visual Basic language syntax. The .NET Framework 3.5 that comes with this software, gives the right tools to use in the creation of Windows.NET applicationes. It includes a graphic assistant to create user interfaces, objects, libraries and a very deep and useful Help file.

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  • Easy to learn, good and clear tutorials. Works with Windows Vista


  • It needs a big free disc space to download and run
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